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About game:

Developed by Slapp – me – do and published by Not Doppler, The Impossible Quiz is an amazing Quiz & Platform video game. In this video game, you will have to try your best to beat the quiz by answering questions, written by the author of the game. You will have only three lives and no more than that. When you run out of the lives by giving wrong answers, your game ends.

The features that you will mostly see in this video game are the Skips and Bombs. The Skips allows you to get over a hard question without answering it. You will earn a Skip as you complete a certain number of questions correctly. The game offers you 7 Skips in total. The second most important feature is the Bombs. The Bombs is short writing for the Bomb questions that are timed. You will have to answer the Bomb questions right before the bomb detonates, otherwise, your game ends.

Those are the certain things that you will learn throughout the gameplay of The Impossible Quiz. There are more waiting for you! The game’s questions become harder and more challenging. You will even be required to use your insane logic and adapt whatever you think it is possible to your answers. Let’s start with The Impossible Quiz now and see how far you will go!

The Impossible Quiz Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the computer mouse to answer the questions.

Tips and tricks:

Some questions in the game require you to answer them completely, without the help of the Skips options.

The time limits for the bomb questions range from 10 seconds to 1 second.

The Impossible Quiz Walkthrough

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