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About game:

If you are looking for a simple but interesting tank Shooter game, try playing Trouble Tank once. Developed by Danish Mads Purup, Tank Trouble gives you tanks that are designed on paper, simple maze maps, fun gameplay, and other interesting effects. In this game, you drive a tank and your mission is to destroy all enemies in the maze. This game is fun and suitable for everyone.

Trouble Tank gives you 3 different game modes: Vs Laika, 2 Player, and 3 Player. You can play this game with your friends in 2 Player and 3 Player modes. In VS Laika mode, you will practice with Laika - a smart dog who knows how to drive a tank. Note that with just one mistake, your tank will explode.

Sometimes interesting items will appear on the screen. These items have different effects, some will be weapons that have special effects. Collect these random items to take advantage. Another note for you is that bullets can change direction every time they touch walls. Have fun!

Tank Trouble Unblocked:

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How to play:


Move by ESDF and shoot by Q


Move by arrow keys and shoot by M.


Play the game by using the mouse!

Tips and tricks:

Familiarize yourself with tank movements, you can practice alone in 2 Player and 3 Player modes!

When the bullets touch the wall, they will change direction.

Tank Trouble Walkthrough

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