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About game:

Developed by Not Doppler, Strike Force Heroes 2 will not turn you down, as the game only serves promising elements. There are three game slots available for you in this shooting game. Tell us, among many different incredible characters such as The Engineer, Mercenary, General and more, whom would you choose to play? You can pick one character among many ones that the game offers. Each character has different stats, you can base on them to choose the one that you think, is the most powerful one. You can even change the appearance, skills and equipment of each character, too.

Characters in Strike Force Heroes 2

Characters in Strike Force Heroes 2

Any mission in Strike Force Heroes 2 requires you to accomplish it to get the chance to keep progressing in the game. This means, if you fail in any mission, you had better retake it. The difficulty of the game can also be modified from Normal, Hard to Insane.

The game world in Strike Force Heroes 2 takes place in Space, where you will be dressing as an astronaut. The gun is your friend while the enemies can be a bit aggressive. If you think that you can defeat any enemy at once, then you are wrong. The playground of Strike Force Heroes 2 will make you feel like it is what you have been always looking for. Check it out now!

Strike Force Heroes 2 Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the arrow keys or W/ A/ S/ D buttons to move your soldier.

Press either W, Up key or Space bar to jump.

Hold the S or Down button to crunch.

Press the left click button to shoot, use the Mouse to aim.

Tips and tricks:

The Challenge mode will be more difficult if you have no experience in the Campaign mode.

Try all the characters since you need to find out the one for you.

Strike Force Heroes 2 Walkthrough

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