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Located in the category of Sports games, Return Man 3 serves you the wonderful matches of American Football. The game is developed by Mini Monster Media and published by ESPN Arcade Games Breakers. If you are a fan of Sports games, you should check it out!

About game:

Have you ever taken part in any match of the popular American Football? Or have you ever watched some matches on TV? No matter if you have or not, this video game Return Man 3 will make you love American Football in particular and Sports game in general. Imagine when you were one of the athletes that are running on the green field, what would you do?

Return Man 3 takes you into the role of a blocker, whose job is catching the ball right in time when the yellow circle finishes it routine. As soon as you have caught the ball, try your best to protect it from the attack of the Defenders. There are three types of different blockers for you, as you advance further in the game. Besides, Return Man 3 gives you three possessions, as they present the lives you have to maintain your game. Each time when you lose the game, one possession will be taken away. Losing all the possessions will end your game. The Defenders will do what it takes to get prevent you from scoring a touchdown.

Guide of Return Man 3

Guide of Return Man 3 

To make your way through them is not as easy as it seems. The set of special moves that Return Man 3 supports including Juke, Stiff Arm, Afterburner and even more. These special moves are locked at the beginning of the game, just like the other two types of blockers. As you achieve in the game, those elements will be unlocked and you can have even more chances to experience whatever you desire from the game. Furthermore, let’s not forget that Return Man 3 is an enhanced version of its successor, Return Man 2. The enhanced elements that we can tell immediately including the upgraded graphics and gameplay. More upgrades will be revealed on your journey throughout Return Man 3. Let’s get started with Return Man 3 now!

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How to play:

[I] = run forward up the field.

[J] = run left.

[K] = run down the field.

[L] = run right.

Tips and tricks:

Let your teammates help you and do not run to the end of the field without them.

As soon as you see a Booster, catch it at all costs!

Return Man 3 Walkthrough

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