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Learn to Fly 3 is a Platform & Flying video game, developed by Light Bringer Games. The game contributes itself to the series of Learn to Fly. The elements that Learn to Fly 3 offers is an incredible improvement compared to its predecessor. You can check up on it now!

About game:

For the people that do not know about Learn to Fly 3 or its great franchise Learn to Fly, the game’s plot seems a bit strange. You will be introduced to a group of outstanding penguins. These penguins believe they can fly. Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not give the Penguins ability to fly. Despite the fact of being disabled from reaching the higher oxygen layer, the Penguins came up with crazy ideas with the help of the effective equipment.

You will start the game by buying the launcher among a bunch of different ones. Each launcher costs you money, and you will earn the money from progressing in the game. As you are ready with a new launcher, you can take off and try your best to spend you up to the sky. The game goal of Learn to Fly 3 sounds unbelievable, but it is still considered as your main objective, and it is flying to the moon. Each flight you make will be judged through different scales such as Altitude reached, Airtime and Max speed.

The only way to make the best of your performance is trying to get a better result after each time the penguin meet the ground. The game provides you with the sets of various stages and you will be able to unlock new stages. Learn to Fly 3 brings in bright gameplay with enhanced elements. If you are willing to explore an entirely new adventure, you should start the gameplay of Learn to Fly 3, now!

Learn to Fly 3 Unblocked:

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How to play:

Press the W button to boost.

Press the S button to brake.

Press the A button to turn left.

Press the D button to turn right.

Press the numeric keys to boost.

Press the enter button to get ready or abort.

Tips and tricks:

When you want to start entire new progress but do not want to scarify the existed one, you can choose to play in a new game slot. We have five slots in total, so do not hesitate to modify the gameplay just the way you like.

The expensive launchers may not make your budget happy, but they will give you performances that are more effective. Instead of buying cheap launchers, why do not you save your money to buy the improved ones?

Learn to Fly 3 Walkthrough

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