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About game:

Created by Puffballs United, Fleeing The Complex is a Puzzle video game. In this video game, you will take the role of a protagonist, whose name is Henry. Henry finds himself in a building with many other criminals. In here, nothing is easy for Henry as he has to deal with lots of inconvenient elements such as diseases, discriminations, and isolations.

You will have to help Henry at all costs in order to make the situation smoother. From the beginning of the game, Henry finds himself sitting in a room with the header of the building, then he is walked to a room with a criminal. The game starts to give you choices from here. You will have to pick up one among many options that Fleeing The Complex offers. As you can see, the smart options will take you to where you should be, while the silly ones will let Henry down. You will fall the game if you make any wrong decision. The right decision depends on the information that you will get from the game.

Fleeing The Complex allows you to explore the amazing game world, in which the Graphics look simpler than ever. What makes the game outstanding from other Puzzle video games must be its lively sounds. Play this video game Fleeing The Complex and you will love it by heart!

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How to play:

Use the computer mouse cursor and pick one option on the screen.

Tips and tricks:

You should follow what the man says and choose the adapted options in the first few scenes of the game.

Fleeing the Complex Walkthrough

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