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About game:

Cube Field is a Skill & Platform video game, which is developed by YoArcade. In this video game, you will have to use your skills and abilities to dodge cubes. The main goal of the video game is not touching the walls of cubes or any obstacle you see on your way. If you forget about the game’s goal, the death will call your name, which literally means your game is over.

The gameplay of Cube Field is quite challenging, as it requires you to be careful from the beginning until the ending of the video game. One slight mistake can obviously take you straight to the gate of hell. Once you lose the game, you will have to try it again. Cube Field rewards you with the number of scores depending on your performance in the game. You may compare the number of scores you earn each time to see if you are really improving or not.

The game offers simple Graphics, as you will not feel uncomfortable while playing the game. It seems like the difficult gameplay should always go with the very simple elements, or else, the entire video game will be a mess. Cube Field shall rock your game world with lots of promising elements. Are you ready for it? Let’s get started!

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How to play:

Use only the Left and Right arrow keys.

Press P to pause the game.

Tips and tricks:

While you are playing the game, do not press the left and right arrow keys more than two times at once.

You should try to remain your position in the middle of the field.

Cube Field Walkthrough

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