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About game:

Bomb It 7 is an Action & maza video game, which was made to satisfy even the toughest players around the world. Before you start, the game allows you to choose one mode among multiple ones such as Arcade, Ice Man, Star Collector and many more. Each mode brings in a different requirement; you will have to accomplish it at all costs.

Bomb It 7 serves the similar gameplay to the legendary Bomb Online games, in which you will be brought into a stage and try your best to defeat your opponents by placing a bomb anywhere you like. Among the 9 areas that the game offers, you will also have the chance to choose one or just randomly pick up one. The game even asks you if you are comfortable with the present level of difficulty or not.

In the game world of Bomb It 7, you will be amazed at how cute the characters look! The game enables you to pick one among several characters. You will love to see them in different expressions and you need to earn stars in order to unlock all the character’s expressions. Are you into Bomb It 7 already? Let us start with it now!

Bomb It 7 Unblocked:

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How to play:

The first player moves with the arrow keys and bombs with the Space bar.

Within a 1-v-1 match:

The first player moves with the AWSD keys and bombs with the Space bar.

The second player moves with the arrow keys and bombs with the Enter button.

Tips and tricks:

You can modify the controls in the ‘How to Play’ Options.

In order to prevent the graphics from being collapsed, we suggest you play the game on the full screen.

Bomb It 7 Walkthrough

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